Sidus was established as UnoFilm in 1995.
It produced 80 films with long-standing position (the largest, among domestic film productions)
and discovered representative and foremost directors, producers and writers. With its success and consistency built on a foundation of stable management throughout its history, it found strong partnership with domestic and international companies in every aspect of the movie industry including investment, theatrical distribution and nontheatrical distribution.

In order to provide touching and pleasure to more audiences, Sidus keeps integrating superb stories and talented enthusiasm constantly. Now, we are moving forward to bigger world beyond Korean market.

Major Works

<Tazza> <The Big Swindle>(Director: Dong-Hoon Choi) <Tazza: The Hidden Card> (Director: Hyung-chul Kang) <Memories of Murder>(Director: Joon-ho Bong) <A Dirty Carnival>(Director: Ha Yoo)
<Volcano High>(Tae-gyun Kim) <Christmas in August>(Director: Jin-ho Hur) <The Housemaid>(Sang-soo Im) <Purpose of Love>(Jae-rim Han) <Arahan>(Seung-wan Ryoo) <Lump of Sugar>(Lee Hwan-Kyung)


1995 Uno Film was established.
2000 Changed its company name to Sidus
Merged with EBM Production, an entertainment management company.
2002 Spun off its entertainment management department, known as iHQ.
2005 Merged with FNH Films, changed its company name to Sidus FNH.
Incorporated into KT Corp.
2014 Incorporated into Locus.
2015 Rechanged its company name to Sidus.